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Kanava Officially Opened New Center in Baidao, Capital City of Bay Region
Youth Leaders Accomplished Two Weeks of Capacity Building Seminar in Kanava Youth Center, Mogadishu


Helisink Students Union Help Somali Youth

Life skills & Vocational Trainings


Electricity and Computer Classes

Kanava Somalia had noticed that the Committee for Development Co-operation operates under the Executive Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki finances various projects taking place in developing countries.

For that reason Kanava Somalia prepared two short vocational training projects and sent them to the above mentioned Committee, which accepted to fund them.

These two projects aim for the expansion of the vocational training of the Somali youth. It emphasizes the development and caring of war effected youth by training them with computer and electricity skills, in order to obtain employment for the above mentioned skills which can help them for their daily food.


•  Developing war turn youth capacity.

•  Develop office secretaries for youth organizations with modern technological skills and capacity.

•  Create source of income for the beneficiaries after the completion of this project.

•  Aims spreading cultured modern technology to protect the ethical level of the youth

•  Improve youth computer skills and abilities.

•  Improving war turn youth with computer and electricit y skills and abilities.


•  Since there is no active central government caring the development of the Somali Youth, these projects aim to give them alternative method of obtaining their daily food by acquiring computer and electricity training

•  Improving street children in terms of job creation

•  Spreading peace culture in the society through objective knowledge

•  Strengthening the base of the local development institutions by equipping trained skilled candidates

Project Beneficiaries

The immediate beneficiaries of the project are 120 Somali Youth with both gender will acquire skills and vocational training in computer and electricity.

Benefits may be said to create skills for the above mentioned youth in order to generate their families' households' income, which in the absence of these skills they couldn't have access to work or could depend on theft activities and take part social disturbance.

The implementation of the project started on January 2008 and will go till June 2008, and we hope that it will enable for the beneficiary to build a new live for themselves and families.

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