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Members From Youth Associations Completed Two Days Seminar of Effective Meeting in Kanava Youth Center, Mogadishu
Kanava Officially Opened New Center in Baidao, Capital City of Bay Region
Youth Leaders Accomplished Two Weeks of Capacity Building Seminar in Kanava Youth Center, Mogadishu
About Kanava

Who is Kanava?

Kanava Youth Center is a non-political organization concerned with the development of children and youth. Kanava is an active member in the Somali civil society institutions and it aims at the rehabilitation and advancement of Somalia's youngest generation.

Kanava Youth Center is dedicated in ensure that all young Somalis have a healthy future, an effective education that equips them with marketable skills, and opportunities to help others.

In September 2002, Kanava youth center was officially opened by a group of local youth working in Mogadishu in cooperation with members of a Somali youth group from Finland.

The word Kanava has its original roots in Finish language, which means "Canal". It symbolizes how Somali youth can bring the gap between different Somali segments closer.

Kanava Objectives

The main objectives of Kanava include the following:

  1. Rehabilitation of Somali youth and developing positive values.
  2. Ensuring that all young Somalis have a healthy future and effective education.
  3. Developing vocational and skill abilities of Somali youth in various sectors.
  4. Preparing professional youth leaders with high qualities and capacity of leadership.
  5. Improving public health through health awareness activities.
  6. Contributing to the overall development of the country.

Kanava Vission

"We aspire to see and to provide guidance, and to promote health, social, educational, vocational and character development of Somali child & youth.

Kanava Mission

Kanava mission is to provide guidance, and to promote health, social, educational, vocational and character development of Somali children & youth through offering of structured activities such as short courses, field trips, and sports. The purpose here is to provide a safe and structured environment in which all Somali youth can associate with their peers.

The aim of the center is to mobilize Somali youth to fully participate in social activities and to promote positive values such as; justice, equality, democracy and good governance. Also, Kanava Youth Center is very much engaged in reconciliation and rehabilitation of Somali Community.

Kanava Core Values

We care about all Somali youth and understand that, young people naturally seek excitement, friendship and support. Gladly, the chance to offer encouragement, direction and counseling comes as a result of gaining their trust.

We believe that the value of self-respect is fundamental to a healthy growth for our youth.

We believe that every young person has the right to be listened to; to be heard and responded to, as someone who really matters and as someone whose ideas could make a difference.

We acknowledge the need of all young people to be accepted and liked, and to become competent.

We are sensitive to the isolation of the individual who is different in any way, and we endeavor to create in our services, an atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance.

We recognize that learning plays a significant role in the development of children and youth. We support, foster and encourage life-long learning.

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