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Members From Youth Associations Completed Two Days Seminar of Effective Meeting in Kanava Youth Center, Mogadishu
Kanava Officially Opened New Center in Baidao, Capital City of Bay Region
Youth Leaders Accomplished Two Weeks of Capacity Building Seminar in Kanava Youth Center, Mogadishu

Unicef Field assessment Team Visited

Kanava Youth Headquarter in Mogadishu


Kanava Youth is one of the main partners with UNICEF in South Central Regions of Somalia , the two organizations implement together development Programs for the Youth like:-

•  Community Prevention and response to child separation.

•  HIV aids awareness, Youth week in Banadir and Kismayo.

•  Co-ordinate and manage activities of child and youth participation Training in Merca ( Lower Shabelle ).

•  Disruption of Sports Items.

•  Development life skills based education strategy

•  And so on

Unicef, in order to evaluate the capacity of Kanava youth sent an assent team consisting of three Kenyans on 6/2/2008.

The assessment team met with the Kanava authorities in the Kanava headquarter in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia and after a warm welcome, the group introduced themselves to Kanava Youth, they said that the aim of their visit was to see what Kanava does and to evaluate its standard as an organization, they also said that they were going to do some kind of audit but no whole.

Kanava Youth in their term showed the group around to see with their eyes the on going actives at that time, after that the team requested that all documents regarding the projects funded by unicef are shown to them.

After a long inspection discussion and debate wich lasted three hours the group thanked Kanava Youth with their hospitality and asked if there are any demands that they want to convey to Unicef.

Kanava Youth requested from Unicef to offer Capacity building training for its staff in addition with the increasing the projects and areas they were corporation together.

At last, the meeting ended with successful and both parties stresses how happy they were to know each other and exchanced the adderesses for further relations in the future.

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