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Members From Youth Associations Completed Two Days Seminar of Effective Meeting in Kanava Youth Center, Mogadishu
Kanava Officially Opened New Center in Baidao, Capital City of Bay Region
Youth Leaders Accomplished Two Weeks of Capacity Building Seminar in Kanava Youth Center, Mogadishu

Somali Basketball Champion For Girls & Boys Was Concluded In Kanava Youth Center

In 19 September 2004, a conclusion ceremony for 19th and 22nd basketball champions for girls and boys is held in Kanava Youth Center, Mogadishu.

Together, GOS and Kanava arranged this ceremony, which is designed to motivate the youth in sport activities.

The ceremony was participated by most sport activist and civil organizations in the country.

The girls Basketball Champion, Horseed succeeded to obtain the first class, where Boys Champion, Global succeed to acquire the same class.

This is not the first time GOS and Kanava together organize this kinds of activities, but they always work together to develop youth qualities.

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